Finding Gobi – Dion Leonard

I have two adorable pugs, but that is not why I bought this book 😊.

The story about a little stray dog latching on to a runner during a gruelling 155-mile ultra marathon run in the Gobi Desert piqued my curiosity.

The fact that she matched stride for stride with an elite athlete for nearly 80 miles made a stunning picture in my mind. I couldn’t wait to find out more about this tenacious little pup.

While the book is about Gobi, the stray and Dion, the runner, it is also about falling desperately in love with an animal, in an alien country and not have the heart to leave her there, it is about learning new emotions within oneself. It is also about how sometimes animals choose us rather than the other way round.

I have always enjoyed reading about athletes who push their bodies and mind to the utmost limit and survive to tell the tale. Here, Dion has done a remarkable job of capturing what long distance elite runners endure, what motivates them, and why they do what they do.

The book made for an easy, interesting read. I loved going through YouTube videos about these two amazing beings after reading the book. Just type any of their names and up they pop!

I was surprised that a story that captured the collective imagination of millions was missed entirely by me.

The book is heartwarming, like hot tea on a cold winter day. Read it for the real life love affair between man and his best pal! It is not a tear-jerker like many pet books but a delightful, peppy read that might inspire you to reach for your running shoes and put in a few miles 😁!

Heck! If the mutt can run 80 miles, we can surely do a few!!


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