Prenita is a Delhi based artist educated at the Delhi University in Psychology and self-taught in painting. Her work has been exhibited in numerous states in India and is with collectors around the world.

Exploring with color and texture, Prenita’s paintings can best be described as a joyous celebration of existence and what she likes to call ‘The Simple Pleasures of Life’

She takes the viewer into landscapes of her imagination while experimenting with various mediums. At the same time, quick line drawings with pen and watercolor washes is something she reserves for her regular sketch and illustration activity.

Her role as an art-facilitator and resource person for adults with disabilities for more than a decade has been crucial in shaping her attitude towards art. It helps in keeping her own paintings lively, colorful and spontaneous, just as her art group does.

She illustrated for celebrated author, Ruskin Bond’s book, “While the Birds still Sing” and her own writing and sketches have been compiled into, ‘Notes from my Garden’.

Reading, cycling and gardening remain some of her favourite activities when not in the studio. Her two pugs accompany her on foraging jaunts, happily sniffing out potential ‘sketch worthy’ materials from fallen leaves to drying seeds.

Prenita is presently working towards an art exhibition scheduled for April 2021, Visual Art Gallery, at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

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