In the stillness of the early morning hours, the empty page stares at me. My pen is poised, ready to chart the course of the flight of my thoughts. The pristine whiteness of the page soothes my mind. Even before I have written anything, I am calm. With the process of writing I get in touch with that part of my soul which is nurtured by silence and blossoms with the light of attention.

Call me by your name

It felt like a friend walked away today… Someone witty and intelligent, someone who had a way with words and wizardry to turn sentences into little works of art that I was tempted to underline, read again and note in my journal for safe-keeping, maybe, frame them at some point

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Hanging On – Kanwal Singh

Enjoyed reading ‘Hanging On’. It’s a slim, yet intriguing book. While it deals with a specialized subject of demystifying the definition of inclusive education for children with disabilities, it does so with clarity, vision, respect and wit. It also does so in a language that is simple enough for everyone

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How We Disappeared – Jing Jing Lee

Sometimes one comes across a book that leads to sleepless nights… A book that grips and gnaws. You want to put it down and almost instantly, you pick it up again. ‘How We Disappeared’ by Jing-Jing Lee is one such book. Set in Singapore of 1942, during World War II,

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The Far Field – Madhuri Vijay

This beautiful debut novel by Madhuri Vijay is riveting in its storyline. It is absorbing and has the power to hold one’s attention till the very last page. It is disturbing too, at many levels. It is narrated as a first person account in the voice of its twenty-four year

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Words Worth

Words… I see them floating around, pieces of paper, like confetti, carrying differently coloured words….disappointed…happy- maybe…been planning…so sad…glad…will do…nature…love…children- All these are snippets of pages from ancient diaries, diaries maintained over years, never re-visited, re-read yet carrying the ominous burden of the past. Stories about real and imagined hurts, extreme

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Recycling dreams

There was only one thing I ever really dreamed of owning while growing up. It was a bicycle. In my mind I had pictured it completely. It would be colourful. It would have delicate tassels hanging from the curved handle bars and it would have a basket in front. From

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Heart of the matter – 25th April, 2015

We are sitting in the darkened movie hall and viewing a completely forgettable movie. Its mediocrity of story line, banal acting and vulgar dialogues make us cringe and seem like an affront to the intelligence of a common man. We decide to leave the hall and salvage whatever is left

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Calm in a teacup

Amita stood outside the beautiful bookshop. She peered inside and instantly realised that all was not well. The normally calm and collected, ever-smiling lady at the counter was having an argument with her staff. Upon entering the shop, it was soon clear that some missing papers were the cause of

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Leap off the Lily Pad

People nurture different habits to cope with life. The newest phrase I heard was used by a nurse dealing with patients having serious and severe neurological problems. ‘Leap off the Lily pad,’ it is the only way to deal with an emotionally and physically exhausting job, she said. When I

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