The exhibitions we have organized of our own group artworks starting from the first one in 2012, and moving on to the latest one that we had in March 2020.

The nature and scale of the exhibitions have changed considerably since we first started. Whereas, previous shows were smaller and the invitees were mainly family and friends of the art club members, now, people look forward to participating and encouraging other talented friends to show their work as well. We have the support of Delhi Photography Club in organising the Anubhuti Art Festivals. The result is that the shows are on a large scale, innovatively visualised, executed and attended.

These exhibitions are organised by dividing the art groups into committees. Each member decides which group they want to be a part of and then a timeline is made and lists prepared with the help of facilitators and resource persons to:

Kalakriti – 13, 14 Oct 2012
Kalakriti Fusion – 4, 5 May 2013
Kalakriti aur Prakriti – 22 ,23 Nov 2013
Khalwat – 26,27, 28 Sept, 2014 (Organised for artist)
Srishti – 30, April 2016

Invitational and Inclusive Art Festivals
Anubhuti – 22, 23 March 2019
Anubhuti – 27, 28 Feb 1st March

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