When I joined AADI* almost a decade ago, I didn’t know I’d be in the midst of some of the nicest and most creative people I know. Through the process of introducing art to them, I have learnt about the joy of creating it. Through seeing them pick colours, I have learnt to enjoy my own instinctive selection with joy and confidence.

Working with adults with disabilities and seeing them transcend all limitations with dogged determination has been empowering for me. I end up with the conclusion that excuses are merrily ramblings of a reluctant mind. When I observe them hold a brush and enjoy colour as it spreads, I am re-introduced to the childlike joy that sustains any creative pursuit.

When I see them have a clear vision about their art and set high standards for themselves, it infuses me with new enthusiasm to experiment and explore different mediums and techniques without fear holding me back.

I have learnt to appreciate the unique ways in which every individual views this world and to enjoy the variety each vision brings.

To this kaleidoscope of imagery and colour, brought forth by them, I add my own.

*About AADI
Started in 1978, as a small centre for special education for children with Cerebral Palsy, AADI is an established National level organization working for the rights of people with disability, with a focus on working at the grassroots to policy level ensuring that each influences the other in the creation of an Inclusive Society. Today, AADI pursues the Vision of an enabling world in which people with disability are acknowledged as a form of human diversity and are able to live with dignity, make all decisions about life; pursue equal opportunities; belong and contribute to families and communities.

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