The Gist of Life 😁

“Pata nahin isko kya problem hai…” I say with open frustration to Basantie, my friend and home managing partner.

We both have our arms folded and are observing the culprit with focused eyes.

It’s always unhappy, I complain.

“Kuch bhi kar do, khush hee nahin hota…Idhar, udhar girta rehta hai… “

While saying these dramatic dialogues, I am reminded of countless others I might have espoused for the children when they were growing up, I am pierced with momentary guilt through the veil of reminiscence 😢

I shake it off quickly. But even then she’d always pacified me… Sab theek ho jayega… Time lagta hai… 😊🌸

But this time it is different.
She is equally disturbed.

“Mausam suit nahin kar raha hai isko.” She declares with finality and picks it up with a clear plan in mind.

She takes the shrivelling money plant to one corner of the house where it’ll get adequate light and shade and gives me clear instructions about NOT to move it around, watering schedule etc.🙄

You’ll be the only one tending to it, she declares, as we reach the plant recovery corner … Aapka haath samajhte hain ye… Bob aur Motu ke jaise🐕🐕🐾 referring to my two irascible pugs.

And in that one sentence I realise what my life has come to…Pati… Patte, Paudhe, Panchee, Painting aur Pets 🌱🌼

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