Busy Hands, Happy Hearts 😄


‘Errrr….Didi aapka phone baj raha hai… Yeh pencil mein le loon?’

(Your phone is ringing… May I take this pencil from you?)

This is the standard line I get from Basantie, my maid, my friend, my co-conspirator in reviving many a failed recipie 😁

She knows if it is mom I am speaking with, then my designs on table cloths can meander into vines bearing copious fruits … If it’s a service call there might be knots and crosses, where I invariably win as I put a slash diagonally along all the knots I’ve managed to put in line 

My checkered cotswool pajamas are not spared either, as I make intricate, mandala like patterns within the grid that all such checkered pajamas so thoughtfully provide😅

Tissue paper and notebooks are passe, it seems, when it comes to unleashing some creativity while on the phone, it has to be fabric.

Zoom calls can be fun too… One looks like one is referring to notes and books to dispense with some unique knowledge, but there are some interesting doodles cropping up on the side 😅!

When Basantie brings my phone she also brings my journal… But taming my errant hand is not such an easy job✋… I need a ready, steady, flat, welcoming surface, that will challenge and give a contrasting background… And all fabrics do that

Laundry days, there are days of grumbling as almost every surface has some fruits or buildings or parrots that have to be scrubbed off before they can be put in the machine 😁🙄

My life is my journal, the world is my canvas, I tell her jovially…. She slaps her forehead in mock indulgence…

She passes on the phone to me… It’s from mom… I’ll need the tablecloth to work on!! 🤭


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