Calm in a teacup

Amita stood outside the beautiful bookshop. She peered inside and instantly realised that all was not well. The normally calm and collected, ever-smiling lady at the counter was having an argument with her staff. Upon entering the shop, it was soon clear that some missing papers were the cause of the turmoil in this otherwise peaceful haven of the written word.

Amita looked around to see if she could be useful in any manner but to no avail. She turned around and left the shop silently.

She had looked forward to an interesting chat with the lady, as she always did, but today it seemed out of the question. Amita remembered the many ways in which she had been made to feel welcome while she browsed around. Those were the times that she remembered with great fondness. It was one of the reasons she preferred to make the long journey to this quaint shop instead of ordering books online.

As she walked out of the shop she wondered about how she could help the situation. Suddenly the perfect solution struck her and she walked to the café adjoining the bookshop.

She ordered a steaming hot cup of tea and taking it from the waiter, she proceeded to the front desk and placed the tea cup in front of the gentle lady… ‘Take a break Aunty,’ she smiled.

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