Paripoorna, is a word that describes a state of fulfilment and completion. It is an understanding that exists within and comes to the fore as a conscious state of being. 

Paripoorna signifies a belief that nothing is lacking, spiritually, physically or emotionally, it is complete acceptance of oneself as an extension of God and therefore believing that that oneness is our true reality.

Out of millions of words, some make more sense than others at a particular time because they vibrate within and resonate differently. They bring a smile to ones lips and a nod of understanding. Paripoorna, for me, is one such word. It translates into abundance. Abundance of nature that overflows and nourishes, abundance that fills up the senses and urges one to celebrate life.

Paripoorna is how I feel when I paint… Just the act of holding a brush and putting colour becomes an act of worship….

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