Simple Relaxation Exercise

this is a simple relaxation technique that can help you to de-stress by tensing and relaxing various muscle groups while either sitting or lying down.

Breathe in gently while tensing and breathe out while relaxing.

hands and arms: breathing in, clench your fists and tense your arms, slowly relax them while breathing out

shoulders: hunch your shoulders and pull them towards the ears, gradually settle as you breathe out

forehead: pull eyebrows togerher tightly, smooth them out and feel the eyelids become heavy ane relaxed

jaw: bite your back teeth together, gradually ease off

back of neck: pull your chin forward onto your chest, feel tightness, relax

breath: slow, long, steady. Focus on it, letting yourself go with each exhalation

Stomach: pull in the stomach muscles towards the spinal chord, gradually relaxing it

thighs: push your heels down hard against the floor, feeling the tightness in your thighs, let go

Calves: point your toes outward and downward, gradually let all tightness go

let all thoughts go further and further as you become aware of the relaxed feeling in the entire body. Think about a scene that always makes you peaceful. think of a time when you were happiest.

once you recognise how the body should feel when it is totally relaxed, you will become more aware of it tensing due to stress..

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