Jwala, 2016

12th to 16th September

India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

The seeds for this show, Jwala, were sown somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind years earlier. There they stayed, silent and incubating, searching for that energy which would guide it from the dark subconscious, onto canvas, in the form of wild and colourful nature.

What you see in front of you are the manifestations of that love.

When I see trees or flowers I see an aura of golden energy pulsating around them. I see lessons of life being taught for our benefit. I learn to bloom, I learn to hope and I learn to let go as the seasons change. But, most importantly, I feel proud that the energy, Jwala, that brought forth the mighty Oak and the smallest, most delicate petal also flows through me.

This exhibition as well as at once my conversation with nature as well is an ode to the common life force that we’re all blessed with… ever-glowing, fiery, always igniting our senses to go forth, break bounds and achieve the full potential that a small seed carries so safely within its hard shell…

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