Jalaj, 2016

15th to 18th January

Academy of Fine Arts and Literature,
Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi

‘Jalaj’ is my dedication to the unique qualities that a Lotus embodies – serenity, elegance, splendor and purity, all while flourishing in shallow and murky waters. This equivalence is uncanny in its resemblance to life, where our constant endeavor is to rise above and reach higher than the circumstances that limit us.

Just as a Lotus spreads itself across a wide breadth of its habitat, art too pervades every sphere of my life. It helps me understand the nature and sanctity of all living beings. In combining art mediums differently, I recognise the complementary nature of opposites.

A blank surface with smidgens of gold, becomes patches of vibrant life. Repetitive lines become the intricate network through which life-energy flows. Art, like a Lotus, becomes beautiful in this conflicting world. And a healer too, removing confusion and providing lucidity, one stroke at a time.

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