Month: July 2020

Free Floating Joy

Amidst the complexities
Of life
I try to keep things simple…
A morning walk
No small talk
Eyes on the road
The debris
Of a tree
That’s shed
It’s petal load..

Morning walk treasures

I don’t have to look far
For inspiration
It lies by my ked-clad feet
At other time
It circles
From the sky
Petals, Feathers, seeds
Bidding adieu
To their tree….
Finding refuge
In my sketchbook and me…

Flight of Eagles

At around 530 in the morning as though a silent alarm goes off, and scores of eagles take to the sky… Solitary. Silent. Synchronized. Dancing without partners… Swooping, gliding, catching invisible music in the air… And then they part ways… Each going on an individual journey, slowly, leisurely, confidently… They disappear from my sight but I hope they’ll be back to roost in the evening… I’ll be waiting…!

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