February 2012

Borrowed beauty..

When despair for the world grows in me and I wake in the night at the least sound. In fear of what my life and my children’s life may be. I go and lie down where the wood drake rests in his beauty on the water and the great heron feeds.

I come into the peace of wild things who do not tax their lives with fore thought of grief. I come in to the presence of still water and I feel above me the day blind stars waiting with their light. For a time, I rest in the grace of the world and am free…

Wendell Berry

Some beautiful lines, written in a diary year’s back, came back to enchant the mind when least expected… 🙂

The Rise..

She grows up listening…you are weak not strong

On your own, you just won’t last long

Here, hold my hand, come, take my support

You have no one else, I am all that you have got

Being too young, she does as she is told

Always dependent…as her life does unfold,

On father, brother, husband or child

Making herself scared, submissive and mild

With the passing of time, they are all gone

She finds herself, for the first time, alone

Grappling with this new identity

Trying to find herself- who is she, really?

In the hours that stretch, in an unbroken line

She picks up the pieces of ‘herself’ who she left behind

She resets the boundaries of what she can and cannot do

Takes charge of her life, finding strength anew

She builds right from scratch, a person she once knew

Brings in new goals, new friends and a new point of view

In this altered life she leads now, she is fully in charge

This is her canvas, to make as colourful and as large


“Sahare bhi besahara kardete hain’ she says

There is strength in being alone, I find it in new and surprising ways 

Be a friend to yourself, do what you want to do

Everyone will follow their heart, on one will invite you to

As she weaves happily through busy traffic, in her little car

I, her co passenger, catch her words like fireflies in a jar

Find a place for your own self, within yourself, she gently advises

Don’t wait for ashes all around, before the Phoenix rises…

Our ladders in Life…

Some people are like ladders in our life. Their very presence elevates us. They make us rise higher by giving us solid support and a leg-up.  In doing so, they show us that newer and more beautiful vistas still exist and need to be explored.

Their presence helps bridge chasms that yawn open in front of us and threaten to swallow us whole. With their support we gingerly cross over our difficult times and manage to plant our feet firmly into a new day with renewed energy and optimism.

The ladders in our life have dreamed dreams for us which they knew they mignt never themselves be a part of…they have supported us with their unwavering belief in us and so propelled us to be the best that we can be..

In the daily humdrum of life it is easy to forget that we could never have reached where we have without the support of such people…today is as good a day as any, to remember them…

And to tell them that I enjoy this view because they are in my life…. thank you for making it possible.. 🙂

Flying Without Wings..

I am driving my car and trying to come to terms with what I am feeling. These are alien emotions, I have never felt them before. They are a curious mix of awe, tenderness and inspiration.

I have just finished a one hour art group and have been amazed with what I have seeen. My group consists of differently-abled people. It is a cohesive and energized group of young and older adults. When we work together, there is much laughter and good natured banter. In the course of making art together, I have seen some of the very severely challenged people become the most enthusiastic and happy artists. Their delight in mixing colors, trying out new and exceedingly difficult subjects, while being severely restricted in movement, is awe-inspiring to watch.

They love their art and through them I love it even more. I have new respect for the human spirit and its attitude to persevere under the most adverse curcumstances. As I see them bend over their task with absorption, smiling as the colors magically  cover the page they are working on, I do not know how to verbalise my feelings…

Suddenly, these words, coming from the radio, fill up my car.

..Flying Without Wings.. I have never heard it before but it is a beautiful song and somehow these words describe exactly what I am looking for…How does one fly without wings, I wonder? One flies because ones imagination takes wing..crossing all boundaries and barriers that an immobile body cannot physically do..One flies because one refuses to let circumstances become bigger than ones magnificient spirit…

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