Breath of Life, 2010

1st to 6th December

India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Soothing, peaceful breeze
Carrying stories from afar
Opening closed windows
Leaving a sunlit door ajar

Entangling flowers in my hair
Placing their fragrance inside of me
I forget at which point I start
Where do they cease to be

By inhaling just one breath
I take a world within
All that my eye beholds
Just comes dancing in

And no boundary remains
Between who I am and what I see
Two worlds pass through each other
Yet merge seamlessly

This poem was the energy behind all the paintings for this exhibition. It compelled me to harness the beauty that I saw around me and to capture it visually.

Peacock feathers and fireflies, parrots and ladybirds, all evoke deep feelings of unity with the natural world… Memories of the way flowers swirl and entangle in one’s hair, the way shadows create their own designs on body and cloth, becoming one with us, like a unique tattoo for a brief period of time. It all fascinates me.

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