I am.., 2007

Academy of Fine Arts and Literature,
Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi

I don’t need to become anything…I know I already am…
I am the bird when I see one, I am a flower in bloom,
I am the scorching sunlight, I am the soothing moon,
I am the swaying branches, I am the mighty tree,
I am the surging mountains, I am the churning sea,
I am the friendly smile, I am the firm handshake,
I am the warm hug, I am the first light of daybreak,
I am the smallest life form, I am the biggest one too,
I am everything in between, I am all that is beautiful and true,
I am the known and the unknown, I am all this and much more,
Through time as things move and change, I am the constant core,
I am what unites and binds this whole world into one,
I am what flows into everything like the perennial rays of the sun,
When the ‘I’ is there ‘I am’ never alone, I am in everything that I see,
I am the binding spirit, I am what sets me free..
I realise then, I don’t need to become anything,
I already am…
A colourful patch on the quilt of life, doing what I happily can.

. . .

Penning down this poem led to the first few artworks being created for this exhibition. I wanted to have a show that depicted a feeling of oneness that I felt with the world around me.

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